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Manhattan Tower 1932 Restored


Manhattan Tower 1932 This is a partially restored version of a public domain movie Manhattan Tower, an entertaining depression era film. The movie has several intertwined stories about some workers in this office building. Manhattan tower is a movie which has many modern resonances in the twenty first century. The theme of crooked businessmen, industrial failures, and common people being cheated is familiar and all too real after the Enron affair. It has a heart warming romance, some comedy, and many good shots of the Empire State building which inspired this tale. The movie was made the year after the Empire State building was opened. For nearly half a century it was the worlds tallest building, and is probably the most famous. I have included a complete cast list so you can watch for some well known actors such as Walter Brennan in character parts. There are other familiar faces in small parts that are not identified. The original was a VHS tape made from a fair 16mm copy of the movie. This copy is fairly complete and only about 1½ minutes seem to be missing. The video was slightly sharpened and the audio track was much improved by noise reduction, equalization, and tick/pop removal. The video jitter was partially reduced, and many defects were removed either by software or by hand. Unfortunately the available consumer software could not automatically remove the VHS/poor transfer wobble, or totally remove the video spots. Only some of the worst defects were removed by hand. The use of automatic video brightness control washed out details and caused brightness changes that could not be easily compensated. In addition the original copy was badly framed which cut off part of the picture. This version can play without any judder because it has been detelecined back to the original 24fps. This is probably the most watchable and listenable copy available of this movie until a better copy is made from a good print. 2012-12-22 The original upload had a bad goof where a section of the movie was duplicated and overlayed over a later section. It has been fixed and updated. Enjoy, J Clement Credited Cast: Mary Brian - Mary Harper Irene Rich - Ann Burns James Hall - Jimmy Duncan Hale Hamilton - David Witman Noel Francis - Marge Lyon Clay Clement - Kenneth Burns Nydia Westman - Miss Wood Jed Prouty - Mr. Hoyt Billy Dooley - Crane-Eaton Wade Boteler - Mr. Ramsay Uncredited Cast: Walter Brennan - Mechanic Ralph Brooks - Young Mechanic Kernan Cripps - Inspector Ned Connors Oliver Eckhardt - Information Clerk Adolph Faylauer - Elevator Passenger Eddie Foster - Crook Raoul Freeman - Janitor Henry Hall - Banker Bert Howard - Office Clerk Emmett King - Bank President Tom London - Mechanic

Manhattan Tower is a 1932 film directed by Frank R. Strayer starring Mary Brian and James Hall (actor). Manhattan Tower is currently available via the Internet Archive.

Plot summary

Manhattan Tower is about a couple by the names of Mary Harper (Mary Brian) and Jimmy Duncan (James Hall (actor)). Both work at the Empire State Building: he as an engineer, she's a secretary. They would like to marry and buy a house that they saw advertised in a window in the building lobby, but they need more money. Mary asks her womanizing boss for advice, and he persuades her to give him all her savings to invest. Unbeknownst to her, the boss has speculated in the commodity market, and lost not only his money and that of his wealthy wife, but also some of the firm's funds too. His wife would like to quietly divorce him to marry her politician friend, but the husband asks her for money to avoid a scandal. When Mary changes her mind and asks for the restitution of her savings, her boss uses and mistreats her. That causes a confrontation between Jimmy and Mary's boss, and they fight. Meanwhile, also the politician and an honest accountant of the firm, who discovered his superior's misdeeds but kept silent fearing to lose his job, decide to confront Mary's boss. During the fight, he takes a gun from a drawer, and menaces them all. He trips and falls through a window to his death. The witnesses decide to declare it was a suicide and go on with their lives.
There are other intertwining stories of people who work at the Empire State Building, and a bank run started by a casual comment by the politician's secretary.


  • Mary Brian as Mary Harper
  • Irene Rich as Ann Burns
  • James Hall (actor) as Jimmy Duncan
  • Hale Hamilton as David Witman
  • Noel Francis as Marge Lyon
  • Nydia Westman as Miss Wood
  • Clay Clement as Kenneth Burns
  • Billy Dooley as Crane Eaton
  • Jed Prouty as Mr. Hoyt
  • Wade Boteler as Mr. Ramsay
  • Walter Brennan as Mechanic (uncredited)


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