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Little Annie Rooney


A tough slum girl, Annabelle 'Little Annie' Rooney (Mary Pickford), faces a crisis of the heart when the boy she loves (William Haines) is accused of shooting her cop father (Walter James). Her brother (Gordon Griffith) stalks the accused slayer and finally shoots him down in the street. Annabelle rushes to the hospital and offers her blood for a life-saving transfusion, even though she thinks she'll die.

Little Annie Rooney is a 1925 in film silent film directed by William Beaudine.


Little Annie Rooney (Mary Pickford) is a tough girl from the streets with her own gang. She spends her days wreaking havoc around the streets. She looks up to her older brother, who is into a more violent gang himself. Annie develops a crush on a gang member Joe. Despite being a troublemaking tomboy, she has a father, Timothy Rooney, (Walter James (actor)) who is the respected neighborhood cop. Everyone is in shock when an unknown assailant shoots and kills him.
The culprits mislead Annie's brother into thinking Joe Kelly (William Haines) is the shooter. Annie is now unsure as to whom to believe.


  • Mary Pickford - Annabelle 'Little Annie' Rooney
  • William Haines - Joe Kelly
  • Walter James (actor) - Officer Timothy Rooney
  • Gordon Griffith - Tim Rooney
  • Carlo Schipa - Tony
  • Spec O'Donnell - Abie Levy

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