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Inner Sanctum



An atmospheric little noir starring Charles Russell and Mary Beth Hughes. Fritz Leiber, Sr. (father of the famous author) has a cameo as a seer or psychic.


"You're very pretty ... when those lips aren't moving."

(Yes, it's noir. See the Wikipedia entry and this.) The IMDB entry is here. This print seems to be complete and may be of higher quality than the one already in the Archive. You can load the mpeg2 file into DVDAuthorGUI (a free program) and create a DVD to watch on your television.

Inner Sanctum is a 1948 American Film noir directed by Lew Landers based on the Simon and Schuster book series of the same name and the Inner Sanctum Mystery radio series. A previous film series of the show had been done by Universal Pictures until 1945. It is the first and only film of M.R.S. productions, the initials of Richard B. Morros, Samuel Rheiner and Walter Shenson.

Plot summary

Inner Sanctum is a movie about a murderer who is on the run and hiding out in a small town. Unbeknownst to him, he is not only hiding in the same boarding house as the only witness to his crime, he is sharing the same room.


  • Charles Russell (actor) as Harold Dunlap
  • Mary Beth Hughes as Jean Maxwell
  • Dale Belding as Mike Bennett
  • Billy House as McFee
  • Fritz Leiber, Sr. as Doctor Valonius, the Seer
  • Nana Bryant as Thelma Mitchell
  • Lee Patrick (actress) as Ruth Bennett
  • Roscoe Ates as Willy
  • Eddie Parks as Barney
  • Eve Miller as Marie Kembar, Dunlap's FiancĂ©e


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