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I Live on Danger


Chester Morris plays a radio reporter.

I Live on Danger is a 1942 American film directed by Sam White.

Plot summary

Jeff Morrell is an ambitious radio reporter. The news of the day is the prison release of gambler Eddie Nelson, who actually was the fallguy for a criminal named Joey Farr.
While exclusively covering a ship's fire, Jeff falls for Susan Richards, but knows her to be Eddie's companion. It turns out she's Eddie's sister, not his girl, but Susan resents it when Jeff's reporting gets Eddie arrested and convicted on a new charge.
District Attorney Lamber is in cahoots with the crooks. Farr tries to flee, but is tracked to a Pennsylvania coal mine. Jeff gets there first and manages to broadcast Farr's confession, then barely get away when Farr sets off a blast of TNT. Susan loves Jeff for heroically rescuing her brother.


  • Chester Morris as Jeff Morrell
  • Jean Parker as Susan Richards
  • Elisabeth Risdon as Mrs. Morrell
  • Edward Norris as Eddie Nelson
  • Dick Purcell as Norm Thompson
  • Roger Pryor as Bert Jannings
  • Douglas Fowley as Joey Farr
  • Ralph Sanford as Angie Moss
  • Edwin Maxwell as Wingy Keefe
  • Patsy Nash as Dilly
  • Joe Cunningham as Inspector Conlon
  • Bernadene Hayes as Jonesy
  • Billy Nelson (actor) as George "Longshot" Harrison
  • Vickie Lester as Keefe's secretary
  • William Bakewell as Mac
  • Charlotte Henry as Nurse
  • Anna Q. Nilsson as Mrs. Sherman


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