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Hot Water


Hot Water is a 1924 American silent comedy film directed by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor and starring Harold Lloyd.

Directed by Fred Newmeyer and Sam Taylor, it features three episodes in the life of Hubby (Lloyd) as he struggles with domestic life with Wifey (Jobyna Ralston) and his in-laws.

Episodic in nature (effectively three short films merged into one), the first episode features Hubby winning a live turkey in a raffle and taking it home on a crowded streetcar, much to the chagrin of the other passengers. The second features Hubby grudgingly taking the family en masse out on his brand new Butterfly Six automobile, and the third is an escapade with his sleepwalking mother-in-law. The third segment almost qualifies the film as a horror movie, as in it, Hubby mistakenly believes he has killed his mother-in-law, and when she starts sleepwalking later, he thinks she's a ghost haunting him.

Harold Lloyd as Hubby
Jobyna Ralston as Wifey
Josephine Crowell as Her Mother, Winnifred Ward Stokes
Charles Stevenson as Her Big Brother, Charley Stokes
Mickey McBan as Her Little Brother, Bobby Stokes
Evelyn Burns as Bit Part (uncredited)
Andy De Villa as Glen Reed (uncredited)
Edgar Dearing as Motorcycle Cop (uncredited)
Pat Harmon as Bus Straphanger in Spider Gag (uncredited)
Fred Holmes as Man (uncredited)
Billy Rinaldi as Brunette Boy on Trolley (uncredited)
George Ward as Blonde Boy on Trolley (uncredited)
S.D. Wilcox as Gene Kornman (uncredited)

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