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Horrors of Spider Island


A plane crash leaves a dance troupe stranded on a deserted island where a mutant spider bite turns the troupe's leader into a monster. This movie was featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000 ep. 1011. You can find out more about this movie on its IMDB page.

Horrors of Spider Island (, "A Dead One Hung in the Web") is a 1960 West German horror film directed by Fritz Böttger. The film stars Alexander D'Arcy as Gary the talent agent who invites several girls to a club in Singapore. Their plane ride ends abruptly when they crash-land into the ocean. D'Arcy and the girls make their way to an island where they find a larger spider-web-and. A giant spider sinks its teeth in D'Arcy which turns him into a werewolf.< name="allmovie"></>
The film was released in the United States in 1962. It has been released with various English titles including It's Hot in Paradise, Hot in Paradise, Girls of Spider Island and Spider's Web.< name="bfi" /> The film was featured on the television series Mystery Science Theater 3000 in 1999.


Gary, a nightclub manager, flies a group of women from New York City to dance in his club in Singapore. While flying over the Pacific Ocean, their plane catches fire, splits in half, and plummets into the ocean; oddly enough, no one in Gary's group is killed, while no one (pilot, stewardess, etc.) who was not in Gary's group survives. We next see the group days later, suffering from dehydration on a life raft, when they finally spot a small island and spend the night on the beach.
The next morning, they discover fresh water and decide to go exploring. They are quickly amazed and excited to find a cabin, but delight turns to horror when they open the door to discover a dead man hanging from a gigantic spider web. According to his journal, the man was a professor mining for Uranium, but he feared something terrible was about to happen to him. There's no indication how long the professor planned to be on the island, but the women estimate there is enough food to last them about a month.
That night, Gary proceeds alone out onto the island where he is bitten by a giant spider and turns into some type of spider-man beast. He flees into the woods, leaving the women to wonder what has happened to him. The next day, seemingly possessed by uncontrollable violent urges, Gary kills one of the girls. The remaining women, still unaware of what has happened to him, have no idea that he is the one who has done this.
A month passes, and the women are running low on food when they spot a ship on the horizon. They are unable to signal it before it leaves, but two men arrive in a rowboat with supplies for the professor. They soon find the women, who tell them the professor is dead. As they all wait for the ship to return, they celebrate their last night on the island with a wild party. One of the men sneaks off to rendezvous with a woman, but both end up being killed by Gary. Finally aware of Gary's fate, the remainder of the group hunts him down with torches until he flees into quicksand and dies.


  • Alexander D'Arcy as Gary
  • Rainer Brandt as Bobby
  • Walter Faber as Mike Blackwood
  • Helga Franck as Georgia
  • Harald Maresch as Joe
  • Helga Neuner as Ann
  • Dorothee Parker as Gladys
  • Gerry Sammer as May
  • Eva Schauland as Nelly
  • Helma Vandenberg as Kate
  • Barbara Valentin as Babs
  • Elfie Wagner as Linda


The film was shown in Berlin on April 16, 1960.< name="filmportal" /> Pacemaker Pictures distributed the film in the United States, originally under the title It's Hot in Paradise in March 1962 with an 86 minute running time.< name="allmovie" />< name="reid" /> It was later released with the Horrors of Spider Island title as part of a double feature with the 1959 film The Fiendish Ghouls on November 1965 with a 75 minute running time.< name="Munden" />< name="reviewAMG"></> The film was featured on the television series Mystery Science Theater 3000 in 1999.</>


A review from the online database Allmovie gave the film one and a half stars out of five stating that "While the primary purpose of this German-made oddity is to show scantily clad women imperiled by a decidedly male beast, it's also attractively photographed, and several scenes (most notably, Gary's first post-bite attack, and his final flight through a swamp) deliver a frisson not usually found in nudie-cutie/monster movie hybrid".< name="reviewAMG" />


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