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High Voltage


A busload of passengers gets stranded in a snowstorm and take refuge in an abandoned church, where they run into a mysterious man who may be on the run from the law.

High Voltage (1929) is an American film, produced by Pathé Exchange and directed by Howard Higgin.<></>
The film stars William Boyd (actor), Diane Ellis, Owen Moore, Phillips Smalley, Billy Bevan and Carole Lombard, in her feature-length "talkie" film debut, billed as "Carol Lombard".
This film is in the public domain.


Billie (Carole Lombard) is on a bus, being hauled in to face felony charges, by Detective Dan (Owen Moore). The bus gets stuck in a snowstorm; and, the passengers meet William Boyd (actor), who is already holed up, in a church, waiting out the storm.
It turns out that Bill (William Boyd (actor)) is also on the lam, as a wanted felon, not just a hobo. Bill and Billie have to decide whether to flee, using the storm as cover; or, stay, risking prosecution and possible execution, to help the others survive the storm.


Carole Lombard ... Billie Davis (billed as Carol Lombard)<br>
William Boyd (actor) ... Bill, the linesman<br>
Owen Moore ... Detective Dan Egan<br>
Phillips Smalley ... J. Milton Hendrickson, the banker<br>
Billy Bevan ... Gus, the driver<br>
Diane Ellis ... The Kid<br>

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