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Hearts of Humanity


An amazing peek at the melting pot of New York City as immigrants from around the globe struggle to create a new life in America. Great performance by Jean 'Dr. Christian' Hersholt

The Heart of Humanity is a 1918 American Silent film war film propaganda film produced by Universal Pictures and directed by Allen Holubar. The film stars Dorothy Phillips, William Stowell and Eric von Stroheim. A copy of the film is preserved at the EmGee Film Library and in private collections.


The film "follows the general theme and construction of [D. W. Griffiths's film] Hearts of the World and, in places, parallels [its] plot".< name="nyt1918"/> The film was made toward the end of World War I and is known for showcasing von Stroheim as a lecherous 'Hun'. The most notorious scene from this movie is the depiction of a near-rape prior to the defenestration of a crying baby.


  • Dorothy Phillips - Nanette
  • William Stowell - John Patricia
  • Robert Anderson (silent film actor) - Paul Patricia
  • Walt Whitman - Father Michael
  • Margaret Mann - Widow Patricia
  • Eric von Stroheim - Eric von Eberhard
  • Lloyd Hughes - Jules Patricia
  • Frank Braidwood - Maurice Patricia
  • George Hackathorne - Louis Patricia
  • Patrick H. O'Malley, Jr. - Clancy
  • William Welsh (actor) - Prussian Officer
  • Lieutenant Smith - Canadian Officer
  • Joseph W. Girard - Canadian Colonel
  • Valerie Germonprez - Red Cross Ambulance driver
  • Gloria Joy
  • Tom London


The New York Times criticized the "wikt:theatricality and sentimental artificialities of his plot" but characterized "some of [Holubar]'s battle panoramas [as] among the most comprehensive and vivid ever reproduced on the screen."< name="nyt1918"/> It pointed out that "children add to the charm and effectiveness of some of the scenes, and their costumes and acting reveal that intelligence and care in direction elsewhere evident in the production. One receives the impression, however, that the making of a few of the scenes in which the children appear was not very good for the children."< name="nyt1918"/>

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