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Have You Got Any Castles?


A night in a small library. The characters of famous books come to life, referring to movie versions of these books.

Have You Got Any Castles? is a seven-minute animated cartoon short film released to theaters by Warner Bros. on June 25, 1938. Directed by Frank Tashlin, the film was a part of the Merrie Melodies series produced by Leon Schlesinger and distributed by Vitaphone. It was re-issued into the "Blue Ribbon Classics" series on February 1, 1947, with the question mark removed from the title. The plot of the film centers around characters from well-known works of fiction coming to life in a library whose owner has just closed the facility for the night.
The cartoon entered the public domain in 1966 when its last rightsholder, United Artists (successor-in-interest to Associated Artists Productions), failed to renew the original copyright within the required 28-year period.
  • After the cuckoo clock sounds and the camera pans over the library, the shadow of the Town Crier appears, and afterwards, instead of hearing him ringing his bell and shouting "Hear ye, hear ye!...", we see a fade-out to the books being presented.
  • The cartoon fades to black after Rip van Winkle eliminates everyone into The Hurricane and Gone with the Wind pops up. As a result of this, the brief scene where the cuckoo bird's mouth is covered and van Winkle sleeping on the clock is also cut.


  • Have You Got Any Castles? is available, uncut and with the Alexander Woollcott caricatures restored, on Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 2, Disc 4.
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