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Haldane of the Secret Service


Heath Haldane (Houdini) attempts to track down the vicious criminal gang responsible for his government agent father's death while also saving the girl he loves.

Haldane of the Secret Service is a 1923 American adventure silent film directed by Harry Houdini. The film stars Harry Houdini, Gladys Leslie, William J. Humphrey, Richard Carlyle, Edward Boulden, Jane Jennings and Charles Fang. The film was released on September 30, 1923, by Film Booking Offices of America.[1][2][3]

"Heath Haldane (Houdini), son of a detective slain by a gang of counterfeiters, swears vengeance. He rescues a girl (Leslie) from the gang, but is thrown into river by them for dead, and escapes.
"He rounds them up after many adventures, brings about their arrest, and discovers the leader of the gang is father of girl whom he loves." -- Motion Picture News Booking Guide (April 1924)
Harry Houdini as Heath Haldane
Gladys Leslie as Adele Ormsby
William J. Humphrey as Edward Ormsby
Richard Carlyle as Joe Ivors
Edward Boulden as Raoul Usher
Jane Jennings as Mrs. Clive Usher
Charles Fang as Ah Ling
Myrtle Morse as Andrea Drayton
Irving Brooks as Bruce Drayton
Harry Houdini

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