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Five Minutes To Love


Ben, Edna and their baby daughter (Will Gregory, Gaye Gordon, Geraldine Leder) are headed to California when their car breaks down. Ben ventures off to the junkyard in search of a spare part to fix his car. Coincidentally, Harry (Paul Leder) the seedy junkyard owner has just been accused by the police of selling stolen auto parts, and claims that he gets his cars from someone else. Ben wanders into the junkyard just in time for Harry to frame him and use him as a scapegoat. When Ben doesn't return after quite a while, Edna goes looking for him. She is then chased around the junkyard by Harry's odd, dim-witted friend Blowhard (King Moody).

Five Minutes to Love (originally known as The Rotten Apple and It Only Takes Five Minutes) is a 1963 American drama film directed by John Hayes (director) and starring Rue McClanahan as Poochie, a woman who lives in a junkyard. The film was critically lambasted, and later picked up by exploitation filmmaker Kroger Babb.

Plot summary


  • Rue McClanahan as Sally "Poochie"
  • King Moody as Blowhard
  • Will Gregory as Ben
  • Gaye Gordon as Edna
  • Norman Hartweg
  • Michael De Carlo
  • William Guhl
  • Paul Leder as Harry
  • Ethlyn De Carlo
  • Geraldine Leder as Ben and Edna's Daughter


DVD release

The film was released in 2006 as a double feature with Walk the Angry Beach under its exploitation title Hollywood After Dark, focusing on McClanahan's roles, as she later gained fame for her work on The Golden Girls.

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