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Daffy's Southern Exposure


Daffy Duck decides not to fly south for the winter, as he wants to "check up on this winter business" (gesturing to a newspaper he is reading, with a scantily-clad "snow queen" pictured.) All the other ducks tell him "You'll be sorry!", and continue flying south.

Daffy initially marvels at the snow and ice that mark Winter's arrival, but as the conditions become progressively worse, he begins to starve and gets stranded in a snowstorm. He takes refuge at the home of (unbeknownst to him) a fox and weasel, who are desperate for fresh meat to eat and are sick of drawing from their massive stockpile of beans. The two disguise themselves as kindly old ladies in order to keep Daffy in their home. They want Daffy for dinner, and so fatten him up by having him eat large portions of their stock of beans.

Once Daffy realizes their intentions, he quickly tries to escape, outwitting the weasel but not the fox. Daffy forces the fox to chase him up a tree so he can kick him down, then runs further south, past two signs pointing "SOUTH", and one more which reads "And we do mean SOUTH!"

Daffy ends up in South America. A samba dancer, who is a pastiche of Carmen Miranda, is seen singing in a nightclub, and Daffy is finally shown hiding in the dancer's fruit hat. Daffy, also wearing a fruit hat, emerges and says, "Si, si! I like the 'South' American Way. And I do mean SOUTH." Daffy winks at the audience before iris-out.

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