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Cecil B Demille's 1915 film of Prosper Merimee's 1845 novella (which was the basis of Bizet's famous opera.)

Carmen, a gypsy woman, seduced lawyer Don Jose in an attempt to assist her clan's smuggling trade. Don Jose is obsessed with Carmen and turns to crime to maintain her attentions.

Carmen is a 1915 American silent film drama film directed by Cecil B. DeMille.< name="silentera"></> The film is based on the novella Carmen (novella) by Prosper Mérimée. The existing versions of this film appear to be from the re-edited 1918 re-release.


Don Jose, an officer of the law, is seduced by the gypsy girl Carmen, in order to facilitate her clan's smuggling endeavors. Don Jose becomes obsessed, turning to violent crime himself in order to keep the attentions of Carmen.


  • Geraldine Farrar as Carmen
  • Wallace Reid as Don Jose
  • Pedro de Cordoba as Escamillo
  • Horace B. Carpenter as Pastia
  • William Elmer as Morales
  • Jeanie MacPherson as Gypsy girl
  • Anita King as Gypsy girl
  • Milton Brown as Garcia
  • Tex Driscoll
  • Raymond Hatton as Spectator at Bullfight (uncredited)

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