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By the Sun's Rays


Mine boss Seymour Hastings (John Davis) suspects an inside accomplice when gold shipments keep getting stolen, so he sends east for help and is sent detective Murdock MacQuarrie (John Murdock). The detective sets out before the next shipment with a posse and finds that mine clerk Lon Chaney (Frank Lawler) is using a mirror to signal the bandits that shipments have left the mine." Directed by Tod Browning, 1914. Film in the public domain. imdb

By the Sun's Rays is a 1914 silent film Western (genre) featuring Lon Chaney, Sr.. The film is now considered to be Chaney's earliest film that has survived.< name="silentera"></>


  • Murdock MacQuarrie as John Murdock
  • Lon Chaney, Sr. as Frank Lawler
  • Seymour Hastings as John Davis
  • Agnes Vernon as Dora Davis
  • Richard Rosson as Bandit
  • Eddie Lyons

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Tod Browning

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