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Black Oxen


Black Oxen is a 1923 American fantasy / romantic drama silent film starring Corinne Griffith, Conway Tearle, and Clara Bow. Directed by Frank Lloyd, the film is based on the controversial and best-selling 1923 novel of the same name by Gertrude Atherton.[1]

Described as "subtle science fiction", the film takes its title from William Butler Yeats: "The years like great Black Oxen tread the world." It was produced by Frank Lloyd Productions and distributed by First National Pictures. A special Photoplay Edition of the novel was published by A. L. Burt Company, New York, illustrated with four stills from the film.

Corinne Griffith as Madame Zatianny/Mary Ogden
Conway Tearle as Lee Clavering
Clara Bow as Janet Ogelthorpe
Tom Ricketts as Charles Dinwiddie
Carmelita Geraghty as Anna Goodrich
Tom Guise as Judge Gavin Trent
Alan Hale as Prince Rohenhauer
Kate Lester as Jane Ogelthorpe
Harry Mestayer as James Ogelthorpe
Claire McDowell as Agnes Trevor
Lincoln Stedman as Donnie Ferris
Ione Atkinson as Flapper
Mila Constantin as Flapper
Fred Gamble as Oglethorpe Butler
Otto Lederer as Austrian Advisor
Clarissa Selwynne as Gora Dwight
Eric Mayne as Chancellor
Otto Nelson as Dr. Steinach
Hortense O'Brien as Flapper
Wilhelm von Brincken as Aide to Prince Rohenhauer (uncredited)
Percy Williams as Ogden Butler

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