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Big Buisness Our Gang Silent Film 1924


: In order to earn money, the gang opens up their own barber shop. Joe Cobb is the head barber with Mary as the gum-chewing cashier. Ernie handles the mechanical stuff, Farina shines shoes, Jackie handles advertising with Sing Joy doing the cleaning and pressing. Mango sits on the side getting hit by shaving cream. However, despite their eagerness, they are not adept at their job and many leave much more bald than they expected. Mickey, however, strolls by in his Little Lord Fauntleroy attire (a look created by his Aunt Kate in High Society ) and the gang lays into him to get him looking respectable again. His parents come looking for him; mom fainting at the sight of him after the gang's treatment, and dad overjoyed that his son no longer looks like a sissy. Farina, meanwhile, chases a skunk into the premises and everyone runs for cover.

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