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Beyond Tomorrow


Three ghosts try to help two young lovers whom they knew when alive in this Christmas classic. IMDb

Beyond Tomorrow (also known as And So Goodbye) is a 1940 American fantasy film directed by A. Edward Sutherland and produced by noted cinematographer Lee Garmes; Garmes was one of a handful of cinematographers who became film producers. The film starred a trio of veteran character actors, Harry Carey (actor born 1878), C. Aubrey Smith and Charles Winninger. It also featured a rare appearance by Maria Ouspenskaya. Because the events of the plot take place during the Christmas season, it is a contemporary but little-remembered example of the His wish is granted and James returns to life. Michael is reunited with a now-repentant George, and both are admitted into Heaven.


  • Harry Carey (actor born 1878) as George Melton
  • C. Aubrey Smith as Allan Chadwick
  • Charles Winninger as Michael O'Brien
  • Alex Melesh as Josef, the butler
  • Maria Ouspenskaya as Madame Tanya
  • Helen Vinson as Arlene Terry
  • Rod La Rocque as Phil Hubert
  • Richard Carlson (actor) as James Houston
  • Jean Parker as Jean Lawrence
  • J. Anthony Hughes as Police Officer Johnson, who lets James ride his horse (against regulations)
  • Robert Homans as Police Sergeant, who overlooks the infraction
  • Virginia McMullen as Radio Station Secretary
  • James Bush as Jace Taylor
  • William Bakewell as David Chadwick


Principal photography for Beyond Tomorrow began in late November 1939 at the General Service Studios.

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