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Between Showers


chaplin-between showers info: Between Showers czech title name: Chaplin a deštník nebo také Chaplin jako neodbytný ctitel czech info: Groteskní výstup dvou soků, kteří se v parku dostanou do sporu o deštník dívky,o niž se ucházejí.Chaplin tu poprvé vystoupil v masce, mající již základní rysy jeho příštího tuláka Charlieho. Jde o exteriérový film.

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Between Showers is a 1914 short film made by Keystone Studios and directed by Henry Lehrman. It starred Charlie Chaplin, Ford Sterling, Emma Bell Clifton, and Chester Conklin.


Chaplin and Sterling play two young men, Masher and Rival Masher, who fight over the chance to help a young woman (Clifton) cross a muddy street. Sterling first sees the woman trying to cross and offers her an umbrella he stole from a policeman, and asked her to wait for him as he goes to get something to help her. Then Chaplin comes along and offers the woman to help her cross as well and wait for his return. While Sterling and Chaplin go to get the logs, a policeman (Conklin) lifts the woman across the street. When Sterling returns with the log, he was indignant that the woman did not wait for him to come back to help her cross the muddy street, and demands the umbrella back. When the woman used, they engage in a fight which eventually involves Chaplin.


  • Charlie Chaplin - Masher
  • Ford Sterling - Rival Masher
  • Chester Conklin - Policeman
  • Edward Nolan - Chivalrous Policeman
  • Emma Bell Clifton - Lady in Distress
  • Sadie Lampe - Policeman's Lady Friend

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