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Beggars in Ermine


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Beggars in Ermine is a 1934 American film directed by Phil Rosen.
John Dawson, a steel-mill owner loses his legs and his company in an accident engineered by his crooked secretary/treasurer, Jim Marley. After meeting a blind peddler, Marchant, he travels the country, under an assumed name, organizing beggars, peddlers, and the handicapped into a dues-paying system.
Lionel Atwill as John "Flint" Dawson aka John Daniels
Betty Furness as Joyce Dawson
Henry B. Walthall as Marchant the Blind Man
Jameson Thomas as James "Jim" Marley
James Bush as Lee Marley, Jim's Son
Astrid Allwyn as Mrs. Vivian Dawson
George 'Gabby' Hayes as Joe Wilson
Stephen Gross as Scott Taggart, Joyce's Lawyer
Sam Godfrey as Enright, Marley's Lawyer
Myrtle Stedman as Nurse
Lee Phelps as Joe Swanson, Night Crane Operator
William T. Lackey

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