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Ali Baba Bound


Often-banned 1940 public domain Porky Pig video. Ends with a suicide bomber.

Ali-Baba Bound is a 1940 American animated cartoon in the Looney Tunes series starring Porky Pig. It was directed by Bob Clampett, with musical direction by Carl Stalling.

In the Sahara Desert, where it is so hot even the fan dancers use electric fans, Porky Pig works for the French Foreign Legion. While leaving a restaurant (known as the Brown Turban) he gets a message from a spy that Ali-Baba and his dirty sleeves are going to attack a desert fort. Porky is given the task of getting there before the bombing begins. He goes to U-Drive Rent-a-Camel and rents Baby Dumpling the camel, voiced by Dicky Jones then races off in order to get to the fort.
He gets there, only to discover that all the Legionnaires have gone to the Legion convention in Boston. He is thus alone with Baby Dumpling when Ali-Baba, known as "the mad dog of the desert," decides to attack the fort. After a familiar scenario of gags (one defeated desert warrior marches about with a sign saying, "This fort unfair to Arabs"), Ali-Baba enters the fort and menaces Baby Dumpling, the camel. Baby Dumpling blows a nearby bugle and calls for help.
Back at the rental store, the Mother Camel hears Baby Dumpling's call and begins running into the desert to rescue him and Porky, but then changes course back to the rental store and gets a full tank of water from the nearby filling station. Will a full tank, the Mother Camel races to the fortress and knocks Ali Baba over the fortress wall, saving Porky and Baby Dumpling.
Finally, a suicide warrior (who has been sitting on the bench that says "Reserved for Suicide Squad" with the attackers' secret weapon, a bomb tied to his head) runs toward the fort, intending to blow it up. Porky sees him coming and throws open the fort's front door and he charges through as Mother Camel and Baby Dumpling open the fort's rear door, redirecting him to the oasis, where he runs right into Ali-Baba, turning Ali-Baba and the Dirty Sleeves into tents that are easily sellable. That's all folks!
The cartoon was colorized in both 1968 (redrawn colorization) and 1992 (computer colorization).
In the redrawn colorized version, the Brown Turban is misspelled as, "Brown Lurbon".
Mel Blanc as Porky Pig
Director: Bob Clampett
Producer: Leon Schlesinger
Musical Direction: Carl Stalling
Orchestrator: Milt Franklyn (uncredited)
Film Editor: Treg Brown (uncredited)
Sound Effects: Treg Brown
Animation: Vive Risto, Robert Cannon (unc.), John Carey (unc.), Izzy Ellis (unc.) and Dave Hoffman (unc.)

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