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A Bosko Cartoon Collection

Bosko is an animated cartoon character created by Hugh Harman and Rudy Ising in 1927 and the first recurring character in the Leon Schlesinger cartoon series Looney Tunes. "Although Harman and Ising based Bosko's looks on Felix the Cat, Bosko, like Mickey, got his personality from the blackface characters of the minstrel and vaudeville shows popular in the 1930s. Whereas Disney masked Mickey by making him a mouse, Harman and Ising made Bosko a genuine black boy. Keeping with the stereotypes of the minstrel shows, Bosko is a natural at singing, dancing, and playing any instrument he encounters." ( He is a curious and lively boy who finds a (musical) solution to every problem, accompanied by his girlfriend Honey and his dog Bruno. The plots are generally weak though. Some Bosko cartoons found on the Internet weren't included in this collection. The following cartoons are included (brief descriptions from The Public Domaain Movie Database): - Congo Jazz, 1930 Bosko runs into all kinds of wild animals during this jungle visit. - Ain't Nature Grand!, 1931 Bosko decides to take a break and enjoy nature. He goes fishing, dances with a frog, and watches some bees buzz around a waterfall. He decides that nature isn't so great after the bees give chase. - Bosko's Holiday, 1931 Bosko takes Honey on a picnic. - Bosko Shipwrecked!, 1931 Bosko is found aboard a ship at sea during a terrible storm and winds up shipwrecked on an island populated with canibals & ferocious animals. - Bosko's Soda Fountain, 1931 Bosko is merrily working away in a soda shop where he makes the best ice cream sodas. - Bosko at the Zoo, 1932 Bosko & Honey set out for a fun-filled day at the zoo where they encounter lions, gorillas, and lots of other strange creatures. - Big-Hearted Bosko, 1932 Bosko and his pet dog are enjoying skating on a frozen pond when the dog stumbles upon an abandoned baby in a basket. Bosko and his dog proceeds to take the orphan home and do their best to get the child to quit crying. - Bosko's Party, 1932 Bosko head to a surprise party at Honey's house in the rain, however Honey's dog comes close to ruining the surprise. - Bosko and Bruno, 1932 Bosko & Bruno find themselves in the path of a speeding train while on one of their travels. - Bosko and Honey, 1932 Bosko goes to Honey's house after she has some trouble with Wilber. They decide to go on a picnic, but it gets rained out. Click HTTP to find individual files.

Hugh Harman and Rudy Ising

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