From today's menu, I recommend Capitalism or Cannibalism; Communism is off. Our Catholicism is rather good, though; it comes with a liberal sauce or tourist topping. This is our pre-theatre-of-poverty menu. Meanwhile, The Delmarva Chicken of Tomorrow grows over-rapidly large on a forced steroidal diet. Elsewhere, the cousins of The Delmarva Chicken of Tomorrow pluck and hack in feathered ecstasy over the carcass of a chicken too careless crossing the road.

Lo-Fi audio soundtracks to Public Domain Film Mashups. Thanks to James Parrish for his rock steady bass line and Liz Joyce for her whimsical tenor banjo plunkings. All other instruments and video editing done by Ken Hopson

Perlinger Archive classic auto clips spliced into retro-modern commercial.

A one-minute version of "Beef Rings the Bell" in the Prelinger Archives, with the theme song from "Li'l Abner" (1940) in the Feature Films collection.

An udated version of an educational film from the 1950s, using other Prelinger Archive sources, as well as images and music from other places. Answers the question "What Makes a Society Despotic?"

Unofficial Music video to Actress - Futureproofing

Video: Duck and Cover- the famous (or infamous) US gov commissioned film from 1951 which (amongst other things) demonstrates how to survive a nuclear bomb by using a newspaper for protection. There's also a cartoon turtle. Video from the Preliger Archive Collection.

I held off releasing this because like a lot of beginners and unknowns I wanted to have something that will "wow them" everytime, right off the mark, and what was this? A travelogue? It's comparitively light on the video fx, although , as always I hope it tells some sort of story independent of the audio. The song is a bit precious.It came on the heel's of "Jack's Amazing Adventure" and both are faux niaf children's tales meant to reflect the infantilization of public discourse about things that are in essence anything but the altruistic kiddie tales they are cynically portrayed as.

Lo-Fi audio soundtracks to Public Domain Film Mashups. Thanks to Bob Littlehales for his Mexican flavored picking, and Gary Johnson for backup hoots and hollars. All other instruments, vocals, lyrics and video editing by Ken Hopson.

Archival Shadows.


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