A serial killer threatens to kill Holmes before his execution. Episode 23

The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes "The Case of the Belligerent Ghost" Originally aired November 15, 1954. Watson is quite flustered after a man in distress dies in his care...only to find himself attacked by the very same dead man on Watson's way back home to Baker Street! So what does this have to do with daVinci's "Madonna on the Rocks" painting allegedly being stolen?

The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes "The Case of Lady Beryl" Originally aired October 25, 1954. Lady Beryl admits to a crime she did not commit. Holmes not only reveals the true murderer, but Lady Beryl's motive for lying about the crime.

The Big Producer from the 1950's series Dragnet

1953 episode of the Classic TV series "Ding Dong School", a show aimed at very young kids. Complete with original commercials. The host shows kids simple activities they can do at home.

A Gun For Christmas from the 1950's series Dragnet

Lock Up is based on the case files of real life attorney Herbert L. Maris as he investigates crimes to clear the innocent. This time, a flight attendant is accused of murdering her roommate and its up to Maris (Macdonald Carey) to find out what really happened. Season 2, Episode 4: October 15, 1960

Vincent Price plays a minister with a healing ministry. When a woman with a heart condition comes to him for help, he finds there's more than physical health involved. Season 2, Episode 9 (1956)

When Jack Benny has George Burns' son Ronnie on, Don Wilson becomes mad that Jack hasn't had his son, Harlo on. Season 8, Episode 15 (1958)


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