Ep 05 Treasure Ship from the 1961 series Diver Dan

Season 10 episode #324 Lonesome Parents from March 15, 1962.

Ozzie and Harriet ep The Pancake Mix

Victory At Sea ep 06 Guadalcanal

I Married Joan EP 11 Wall Safe

Episode "Finders Weepers" of the popular 60's sitcom "Mack and Myer for Hire".

Ozzie and Harriet ep The Bowling Alley

Hard Water fron the 1961 series Diver Dan

Episode "Cavalry's Coming" of the western-sitcom "Dusty's Trail", which was created by the same person as "Gilligan's Island" and "The Brady Bunch". ************************************ Info from Wikipedia: Dusty's Trail was a 1973-1974 syndicated television series set in the 1800s about a small group of travelers separated from their wagon train who become lost. Dusty's Trail stars Bob Denver as Dusty, the assistant to the leader of a wagon train, and Forrest Tucker as Mr. Callahan, his irascible boss. Twenty-six episodes of the series were produced.


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