Blender 2.5, animation, sound, tutorial, lip sync, characters, dialogue, TOBOR, robot

Yeah, everybody who's been to film school has got a scratch film, but I'm partial to this one.

Following the story of The Scourge Of Yolk Town I,the officer of Yolk Outpost noticed that the town had been completely silent.A team of scouts was then sent to check out the town.What would be perceived?


If you search for a needle in a haystack for too long, you start to get bored, then tired, then angry. If you get angry enough, you might even throw the whole haystack away, but then you've lost the needle forever...

Blender 2.5, Animation, sound, tutorial, TOBOR

Have you ever looked at a sentence until it stopped making sense? For this short, I took a bit from a little-known Lewis Carroll poem, and repeated it until it lost any kind of meaning.

One of the animated series from the Extension Department of Harding College, and produced by John Sutherland, Why Play Leap Frog illustrates how the cost of production, overhead, the processing of raw materials, and labor combine to create the overall cost of a product.

Mr. Finchly has just gotten a 60 dollar raise and wants to figure out the best way to invest it. Produced by John Sutherland for the New York Stock Exchange


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