"Cymbeline" is a short drama based on the play by William Shakespeare, featuring Florence La Badie, a star of Silent Hall of Fame. 

Florence La Badie plays princess Imogen, who ignores the king's choice for her husband and secretly marries her chosen man (James Cruze), who is then sent to exile.  James Cruze tells the world that his wife is true to him and would not give away to anybody the bracelet that he presented to her.  He is then shocked when his messenger William Garwood brings the bracelet to him, and swears revenge.

Behind the scenes during the production of Otto Preminger's WW2 epic, "In Harm's Way"

No description at National Archives but listed in AEC 16mm film combined catalog (1966): "The operation, principles, and scientific applications of nuclear reactors, used as research tools in various projects, are briefly described. Types of research that reactors and associated equipment make possible are shown at length.

Promotional short subject

Dit filmpje "Rotterdam ruimt puin 1940" hoort bij de serie Oud met Claud, 78rpm platen 1907-1957 en wel deel 11 1940. Voor het bijbehorende programma klik op deel 11-1940, voor meer films klik op oud met claud. Meer Oud met Claud via www.phga.nl

"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" is a short horror film, based on the story of Robert Louis Stevenson, featuring Florence La Badie, a star of Silent Hall of Fame. 

The white-haired Dr. Jekyll is curious to experiment with a drug that can separate man into two beings - one representing good and the other evil.  He drinks the concoction and converts into a black-haired beast of a man with talons and fangs. He is immediately horrified, takes the antidote and becomes his normal self again.

Prohibition's Reign Ends!

"Faithful" is a short comedy directed by D.W. Griffith, featuring Arthur V. Johnson and cinematographer Billy Bitzer, stars of Silent Hall of Fame.

The film is included in our program to illustrate the work and contributions of Helen Holmes, a star of Silent Hall of Fame.

"The Paleface" is a Joseph M. Schenck short comedy, starring Buster Keaton and featuring Joe Roberts, a star of Silent Hall of Fame. 

Buster Keaton barely escapes death walking into the camp of an Indian tribe.  Later he helps the Indians retain their land and becomes one of them.


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