Public Domain Movies - Cartoons

Little Lulu: Bargain Counter Attack

little lulu, Paramount, cartoon

Little Lulu wreaks havoc in a city department store. Animation by Nick Tafuri, John Walworth and Tom Golden. Scenics by Anto Loeb. Music by Winston Sharples. Story by Bill Turner and Otto Mesmer. Produced in 1946.

Christmas Comes But Once A Year

Fleischer Studios

From The Public Domain Movie Database: A group of lonely orphans are given broken toys for Christmas which is seen by Professor Grampy. The thoughtful inventor comes up with an idea to replace the toys with better ones, making the orphan's Christmas a memorable one.

Came To Supper


Classic cartoon.

The Friendly Ghost

Classic cartoon, 1940s, Casper

Casper feels lonely and starts on a quest to make friends. The only problem is that everybody is too scared to be friends with a ghost. This was the very first Casper cartoon ever produced. You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page.


animation, Superman

You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page.

The Lion Tamer

Racism, Animation

An Amos and Andy. I assume that archive viewers are able to get past the obnoxious racial stereotypes and appreciate this for what it is. a not untypical cartoon of the period. Official films were sold all over the country in short 8mm or 16mm versions,

Popeye the Sailor - Ancient Fistory

popeye the sailor ancient fistory cartoon cartoons

Popeye the sailor Ancient Fistory public domain, better quality/richer color than this one: cartoon came on a dvd of the Sonny Chiba film "The Street Fighter" and "Return of the Street Fighter" double feature issued by PC Treasures, Inc.