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Private SNAFU: Spies

Animation, Comedy, WWII, Private SNAFU

A cartoon in which Private Snafu, while drunk, reveals military secrets that allow the enemy to torpedo his ship. This is one of 26 Private SNAFU ('Situation Normal, All Fouled Up) cartoons made by the US Army Signal Corps to educate and boost the morale the troops. Originally created by Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss) and Phil Eastman, most of the cartoons were produced by Warner Brothers Animation Studios - employing their animators, voice actors (primarily Mel Blanc) and Carl Stalling's music. From the holdings of the National Archives. NAIL: 111-M-929 ARC Identifier: 35827

Swiss Trick

Animation, Tom and Jerry

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Superman The Magnetic Telescope

Superman, cartoon, animation, Max Fleischer, Fleischer, Famous Studios

The Magnetic Telescope Max Fleischer/Famous Studios April 24, 1942 [7:38]

Private SNAFU - Booby Traps

military, Animation, Private SNAFU

Private SNAFU WWII training film on booby traps. Because this was originally aimed at US soldiers. Expect there to be a visual pun related to the films title. The movie's format is high resolution MPEG4. The maximum size and pixel resolution for the video iPod.

Betty Boop: Poor Cinderella (1934)

Betty Boop, Fleischer, Cinderella, Fleischer Studios, U.M. & M., Animation, Musical

Gorgeous Fleischer Studios adaptation of the classic fairy tale, featuring Betty Boop's only appearance in full color. Surprise - she's a redhead!

I'm in the Army Now

popeye, animation

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Big Buck Bunny

big buck bunny

Big Buck Bunny in DivX 720p.

All's Fair At The Fair - 1938

Fleischer Studios, Fleischer, Color Classics, color, classics, fair

The 25th in Fleischer Studios' Color Classics series. A country couple visit the World's Fair, where they marvel over the wonders of modern technology.

Customers Wanted

animation, popeye

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