Public Domain Movies - Cartoons

Felix The Cat - In The Swim

Animation, Cartoon, Pat Sullivan

This is the same film found elsewhere on the Archive. I have added a genewric music track for easier viewing.

Betty Boop: Dizzy Dishes (1930)

Betty Boop, Cartoon, Humor, Helen Kane, Fleischer Studios, Margie Hines, 1930, Dizzy Dishes

Betty's first apperance (1930) as a Helen Kane-like Caricature who is perform's on stage for bimbo she performs in somewhere which looks simuler to the Cotton Club nightclub in Harlem , only problem is she is that Betty is nameless and is a anthropomorphic French poodle. Betty's floppy poodle ears later became hoop earrings in the Betty Boop cartoon series, and her black poodle nose becomes a girl's button-like nose. Betty's voice is provided by Margie Hines in this Cartoon Short. like all the Betty Boop series this is Public domain. Uploaded by BoopBoopaddoop...



Popeye episode Taxi-Turvy

Upa En Apuros (1942)

upa, patoruzu, dibujo, alebulo

Admirador de Walt Disney, Dante Quinterno se lanzó a la aventura de animar a Patoruzú a principios de los años 40. El argumento escogido era una adaptación de los hechos acaecidos en una tira cuando el gitano Juaniyo secuestró a Upa. Para rescatarlo, Patoruzú primero venció a un oso y luego derrota a golpes al gitano. "Upa en Apuros", un verdadero clásico de la animación argentina, sufrió una ajetreada producción debido a la alta calidad de su realización gráfica y la utilización del color, siendo el primer dibujo animado local en Technicolor.

Popeye The Sailor Meets Sindbad The Sailor

Paramount, popeye, bluto

This is a Max Fliescher color classic

The Betty Boop Limited

Betty, Boop, Cartoon, train, railroad, bimbo, koko, Fleischer

Betty, Bimbo and Koko take their show on the (rail) road, with obligatory Thirties' wackiness.

Terror on the Midway

animation, Superman

After a gorilla escapes from it's cage at the circus, Superman must save Lois, kids, animals and bunch of other people from the chaos that ensues.

What Makes us Tick

animation, John Sutherland, business, New York Stock Exchange

Made by the New York Stock Exchange and Produced by John Sutherland What Makes Us Tick follows John Q. Public's choices he has for investment, and how shares are created, and sold to investors.

Superman - Electric Earthquake

animation, Superman

A Native American scientist demands the return of Manhattan to his native people, or he will destroy the city with his electrically produced earthquakes.

Little Dutch Mill

Classic cartoons, Vintage cartoons, Fleischer Studios, Cartoons

All I can say is that this one is a classic. The colors are a little faded, but any copy is better than no copy at all.