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Little Gray Neck

Movie, Animation, short, Russian, USSR, winter, Snow, Animals, rabbit, Amalrik

1950's Russian animation about a rabbit. Directed by L. Amalrik. Dubbed into English.

Rhythm on the Reservation

Betty Boop, Classic cartoons, Vintage cartoons

This is the last of the Betty Boop I had recovered from the Homemade DVDs. There was 70 of them in all. Many are quite rare and deemed offensive. To tell the truth they

Mr Hook - Tokyo Woes

Animated, WWII, Mr. Hook

Animation produced for the US Naval Department encouraging enlisted naval officers to purchase savings bonds.

Toby the Pup - Down South (1931) 1080p HD

Toby, Pup, Charles, Mintz, RKO, 1931, Down South, hd

Toby the Pup is an animated cartoon character created by animators Sid Marcus, Dick Huemer, and Art Davis. He starred in a series of early sound shorts produced by Charles B. Mintz for RKO Radio Pictures. The series lasted from 1930 to 1931. Twelve cartoons were produced. This Rare surviving French print is one of only 3 complete Toby the Pup cartoons known to exist.

Somewhere in Dreamland

Animation, Classic

A Max Fleischer cartoon circa 1936. It was one of the Fleischer color classics series.

The Farmerette (1932)

Van Beuren Studios, The Farmerette, Miss Kitty, 1932, Cute, Betty Boop, Harry Bailey, John Foster, Margie Hines, Aesop Fables, Cartoon, Animation

The Farmerette (1932). Features a cat by the name of Miss Kitty who also appeared in other various van beuren cartoons. Miss Kitty tries to motivate the lazy farm animals back into shape. Miss Kitty is also copying Max fleischer's Betty Boop. Miss Kittys voice is provided by Margie Hines who also voiced Betty Boop. Uploaded by BoopBoopaddoop. Directors: Harry Bailey, John Foster Stars: Margie Hines

The Headless Horseman

halloween, pumpkin, animaion

Ub Iwerks Cartoon, 1934. The story from Washington Irving

Betty Boop: Any little girl that's a nice little girl

Betty Boop, Cartoon, Humor, Fleischer Studios, 1930, Any little girl thats a nice little girl

Any little girl that's a nice little girl (1930). A cat in a tophat is looking for a girlfriend this cartoon Star's Kitty lulu Belle/bell who isnt Betty Boop. Betty Boop can be seen in the backround & various pictures in this Cartoon (for example the girl with the bows in her hair).

Felix The Cat

felix the cat

This version is a derivative of the Internet Archive OGV video with the sound removed by Sookietex on 2011-04-02. The sound added at a later date was most likely not in the public domain. This media file is in the public domain because its copyright has expired. This applies to the United States, where Works published prior to 1978 were copyright protected for a maximum of 75 years.