Public Domain Movies - Cartoons

Space Thunder Kids

korean, anime, Animation, Sci-Fi, robots

Derivative Korean animated film, definitely edited from multiple sources. Low quality entertainment.

Molly Moo-Cow and the Butterflies

Molly Moo-Cow, Burt Gillet, Van Beuren Studios

Molly is a dedicated conservationist who fights for biodiversity. She rescues a bunch of butterflies after they are captured by a butterfly collector.

Tulips Shall Grow (Madcap Models No. U1-5)

Movie, Animation, short, george pal, Puppetoon, war, Holland, Dutch, tulips, World War Two, invasion

George Pal's Puppetoon short paying tribute to the resistance of the people of Nazis occupied Holland.

A Car Tune Portrait - 1937

Fleischer Studios, Fleischer, Color Classics, color, classics, car, tune, portrait

In this, the 18th of Fleischer's Color Classics series, cartoon characters attempt a symphonic performance. One gets the impression that this cartoon was, to some degree, an ancestor of Disney's Fantasia.

Elephants Dream

Elephants Dream, blender, Creative Commons, nebadon2025

Elephants Dream is the story of two strange characters exploring a capricious and seemingly infinite machine. The elder, Proog, acts as a tour-guide and protector, happily showing off the sights and dangers of the machine to his initially curious but increasingly skeptical protege Emo. As their journey unfolds we discover signs that the machine is not all Proog thinks it is, and his guiding takes on a more desperate aspect.

Sudden Fried Chicken

Noveltoons, Herman the mouse, Paramount

"Sudden Fried Chicken" stars Herman (a mouse) and Henry (a rooster). Herman notices a poster that will award $1,000 to anyone who will stay in the ring for one round against a champion boxing rooster. He goes to Henry, who is feeling really low about himself, as he is getting bossed and pushed around by his wife. One thing leads to another, and the scrawny Henry is going up against the Champ!-From IMDB

felix the cat - the non stop fright (1927).

(felix the cat) (pat sullivan) (funny) (cartoons)

A felix the cat cartoon from 1927 distributed by: bijou films, inc, enuctional pictures corporation, directed by pat sullivan, produced by jacques kopfstein, animated by otto messmer.

Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves (1937)

popeye, olive oyl, Ali Baba, Mystic Nights Videos

Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves - 1937 PD - No copyright renewal

Private Snafu - Gas

Animation, short, SNAFU

Snafu (Mel Blanc) learns the need of keeping his gas mask at hand when he is attacked by anthropomorphic gas cloud.