Public Domain Movies - Cartoons

Eleventh Hour

animation, Superman

You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page.

Molly Moo Cow and Robinson Crusoe

Cartoon, Classic, Molly Moo Cow, Robinson Crusoe, color, Van Bueren Studios

When Molly Moo Cow gets stranded on Robinson Crusoe's island, Crusoe doesn't want her there, then Crusoe gets caught by scat-singing natives and Molly comes to the rescue.

Space Transformer

anime, Animation, mash-up, Hong Kong, joseph lai, dubbing, Surrealism, robots, giant robots, alien invasion, annoying robots, space battle

Is a microscopic giant robot still a giant robot? And do our bodies really contain microscopic planets, suns, galaxies, and so on? According to this movie, the answer is YES. Another masterwork mash-up of various Korean animations by Hong Kong schlockmeister Joseph Lai, watching this movie will redefine "pain" in your mind. From an outside review:

So basically, it’s The Fantastic Voyage but with giant robots and Robin Hood’s Merry Men.


Little Boy Blue

Iwerks, Animation, Fairy Tale

A 1936 color cartoon by Ub Iwerks

The Paneless Window Washer

popeye, window, paneless, washer, 1937, spinach, flagpole, choke, strangle, olive oyl

Popeye and Bluto are competing, this time not for Olive Oyl's love, but to wash her windows!!! Join Popeye in this classic from the golden age of cartoons and laugh out loud all through the film!!! Enjoy -Jvega For more information regarding this film, go to its IMDb page at

Felix The Cat - April Maze

Cartoon, felix the cat

April Maze 1930 - Felix takes his nephews, Inky and Dinky on a picnic that is complicated by rain, and a food swiping rabbit and bear.

Betty Boop: Is My Palm Read

Betty Boop, Fleischer Studios

From The Public Domain Movie Database: A fortune teller tries to work his magic in order to get up close & personal with Betty. He shows her the days of her youth in his crystal ball as well as her being stranded on a deserted island. Then he shows himself rescuing her from the island, but also inadvertently releases an unsavory group of ghosts who chase the pair through a jungle that also magically appeared. The pair loses the ghosts using the hollow-log-over-the-cliff trick.


Balloon Land, also known as The Pincushion Man, is a 1935 animated short film produced by Ub Iwerks as part of the ComiColor Cartoons series.

Christmas Comes But Once A Year - 1936

Fleischer Studios, Fleischer, Color Classics, color, classics, catroon, Christmas, grampy

The 15th in Fleischer Studios' Color Classics series of cartoons, in which orphans receive defective Christmas presents, and Professor Grampy comes to the rescue.

Fox Pop

cartoon, classic, animation, Warner Brothers

A classic Warner Brothers Cartoon. A fox steals a radio and begins to destroy it. Two birds ask him why he's doing it and the fox begins to tell his story.