Public Domain Movies - Cartoons

Betty Boop's Ker-Choo

Betty Boop, Fleischer Studios

From The Public Domain Movie Database: Betty, her dog Bimbo, & Koko The Clown are in a car race where Betty wins even though she is under the weather.

Felix the Cat - Felix Lends a Hand (1922)

Felix, The, Cat, 1922, lends, A, hand

Felix the Cat tries and help rescue a mans wife who has been kidnapped.

Felix the Cat - Felix in Hollywood (1923)

Felix, The, Cat, charlie, chaplin, Hollywood, 1923

Felix meets celebrities from the time such as Charlie Chaplin.

The Return of Mr. Hook

warner bros, looney tunes, merrie melodies, WW2, Animation, shorts, mr hook, porky pig, daffy duck, Bugs Bunny

Seaman Hook has big plans for after the war, mostly involving rushing home and marrying his sweetie. So do his fellow seaman, but theirs involve buying bonds. -From IMDB

Betty Boop: Barnacle Bill (1930)

Betty Boop, Cartoon, Humor, Helen Kane, Fleischer Studios, Margie Hines, 1930, Barnacle Bill

Betty's Second apperance. (1930) Her voice is provided by Margie Hines. Betty goes by the name of Nancy Lee. As Nancy she's rather freakish in the marionette way she moves her legs & when she screws up her face she's horridly ugly. Had there been a "progression" of a primitive Betty to the Betty we are happiest to know & love.

40s Superman cartoon copied in "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow"

Superman, Animation, vintage, robot, robots, Science Fiction, Cartoons, 1940s

(Public domain cartoon) Was amazed when I watched this 1941 Superman cartoon ("The Mechanical Monsters") and recognized that "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" (2004) copied the opening robot attack almost shot for shot. Same angles, same flying robot design, and even the way they swing their arms while walking.

Betty Boop: Is My Palm Read

Betty Boop, Fleischer Studios

From The Public Domain Movie Database: A fortune teller tries to work his magic in order to get up close & personal with Betty. He shows her the days of her youth in his crystal ball as well as her being stranded on a deserted island. Then he shows himself rescuing her from the island, but also inadvertently releases an unsavory group of ghosts who chase the pair through a jungle that also magically appeared. The pair loses the ghosts using the hollow-log-over-the-cliff trick.

Felix the Cat - Felix Turns the Tide (1922)

Felix, The, Cat, turns, Tide, 1922

Felix fights in the big war, Cats Vs. Mice.