Public Domain Movies - Cartoons

Betty Boop: The Scared Crows

Betty Boop, Fleischer Studios

Betty Boop withdraw in 1939. This cartoon might be her best from that year. Her house is invaded by lively crows and she finds ways to handle the problem.

Felix the Cat - Felix in Fairyland (1923)

Felix, The, Cat, in, fairyland, 1923

Felix makes a wish to travel to fairyland.

The Playful Polar Bears - 1938

Fleischer Studios, Fleischer, Color Classics, color, classics, Cartoon, polar, bear, polar bear, bears

The 26th in Fleischer Studios' Color Classics cartoon series. Hunters visit the home of a polar bear community, causing a bear parent to have to rescue its cub.


disney, Fairy Tale, Iwerks

Cinderella, 1922. Tha Laugh O Gram Studios. Don't think international conglomerates with banks of computers making highly sophisticated and realistic animation. Instead, think of a couple of cartoonists, in this case, in Kansas City who get together and start to draw simple animations of fairy stories. The drawings are simple and fluid and really a lot of fun. These cartoons needed almost a thousand laboriously drawn pictures for each minute of film. The cartoonists were Ub Iderks and Walt Disney. Iwerks went on to form his own studio and make hundreds of cartoons.

Felix the Cat - Felix Gets Broadcasted (1923)

Felix, The, Cat, gets, broadcasted, 1923

Felix travels around the world through cable.

Little Lambkins - 1940

Fleischer Studios, Fleischer, Color Classics, color, classics, Cartoon, little lambkins, lambkins, toddler

The 31st in Fleischer Studios' Color Classics cartoon series. This one is a little weird -- Littke Lambkins is a toddler who lives in the country and enjoys hanging out with his animal pals. When his parents decide to move into more modern digs in town, Lambkins sabotages the electric washer + wringer, ironing robots, and other conveniences, resulting in property damage and potentially fatal situations for his parents. They become disillusioned with the new house, move back into the old one, and Lambkins lives happily ever after.

Betty Boop: More Pep

Betty Boop, Max Fleischer

"Uncle Max" (Max Fleischer) draws Betty and Pudgy out of the inkwell. Pudgy is tired and unwilling to perform on Betty's command. Betty uses pen and ink to draw a machine that give Pudgy more pep. Unfortunately, the machine soon runs amok, speeding up not only Pudgy and Betty, but the entire city as well. (

Gold Rush Daze

Cartoon, Classic, Animation, Warner Brothers

A Classic Warner Brothers Cartoon. A gentleman listens to a gas station attendant talk about his adventures panning for gold.

Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp

Iwerks, animation, popeye

An animated cartoon by Ub Iwerks 1939â â 

Felix the Cat - Doubles for Darwin (1923)

Felix, The, Cat, Doubles, For, Darwin

Felix looks into the theory of evolution.