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Jungle Drums


You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page.

Little Lulu: Bored of Education

little lulu, animation, 1940s

Little Lulu: Bored of Education is a classic cartoon featuring Little Lulu and her classmate Tubby as they experience a series of events out of a history book. Produced in 1946, now in the Public Domain.

Dancing On The Moon

Fleischer Studios

A Fleischer cartoon in the Color Classics series. Plot taken from IMDb: Honeymooning couples of various animal species take a rocket ship excursion to the moon. Spectacular lunar scenery.

The Little Stranger (1936)

Max, Dave, Fleischer, Studios, Ugly, Duckling, Little, Stranger, color, classics, Cartoon

A non-aquatic bird's egg is introduced into a duck's nest. Problems ensue, along with a happy ending. The Color Classics series was Fleischer Studios' attempt at keeping up with Disney. This is the tenth in the series, and is in the public domain.

Arctic Giant

Superman, animation

Superman must stop a rampaging dinosaur.

Merrie Melodies - Hittin The Trail For Hallelujah Land

merrie melodies, Hittin The Trail

one of the earliest warner brothers cartoons in the public domain if you enjoy this one i have others i want to share with the group..

Peeping Penguins

Fleischer Studios

From The Public Domain Movie Database: Four baby penguins stray away from their mother and stumble across a hunter's cabin. Their curiousity gets them into trouble and they must be rescued by their mother.

Felix the Cat - Feline Follies (1919)

Felix, The, Cat, 1919, black, white, Feline, Follies

Felix the Cats first appearance as Master Tom.

Jungle Jitters


Classic cartoon.