Public Domain Movies released in 1947

A death row inmate tells the story of how he got his sentence. He was a baby photographer who made the mistake of looking for adventure by agreeing to look after his neighbor's private-eye establishment.

Musical with an "all-colored" cast. Low-budget, but charming.

US propaganda/documentary film about the operations in France/Germany in World War II.

There isn't so much story here that it gets in the way of the music. If you're a Louis Jordan fan, this one's for you. This one's all about the music, with three full Louis Jordan swing numbers before the storyline even starts. In a 67-minute running you get 14 songs by Louis with his Tympany Five, June Richmond, Mabel Lee, and Bea Griffith.

"Middle-aged farmer goes to extreme lengths to protect the dark secret associated with a deserted house on his property. Murky psychological thriller with resonant settings and an emotive Miklos Rozsa score." - noir expert Spencer Selby

John Wayne plays Quirt Evans, a gunslinger with a nasty rep who is injured and nursed back to health by a Quaker family.

Cab Calloway plays himself in a plot about jealousy, night clubs, and gangsters.

Johnny O'Clock (1947) High-class gambler gets in trouble with the law. Director: Robert Rossen Writers: Robert Rossen (screen play), Milton Holmes (original story) Stars: Dick Powell, Evelyn Keyes and Lee J. Cobb

A woman tells the story of the events leading up to her death. Bela Lugosi's only color film.

Curiosity propels two teens, Meg and Nath (Allene Roberts and Lon McCallister) to explore an apparently abandoned house in the countryside. Of course they are warned to stay away from the secluded place.