Public Domain Movies released in 1936

In late nineteenth century Brooklyn, Ceddie Errol, the young son of an American woman and a late Englishman finds himself the sole male heir of his paternal grandfather, the Earl of Darincourt. The Earl, who has a pronounced distate for all things American and had previously refused to have anything to do wth Ceddie or his mother, invites them to relocate to England so Ceddie be groomed to take over the family title and fortune.

Actor Philippe Martin (Francis Lederer) and his married date Yvonne (Liev De Maigret) plan to neck in a darkened cinema, but he gets the wrong seat and mistakenly kisses lovely Monique (Ida Lupino), a publisher's daughter. An absurd scandal results; to protect Yvonne, Philippe insists that he was simply overcome by Monique's beauty. This naturally intrigues Monique...but her nominal fiancée (Erik Rhodes) feels differently. French bureaucracy is broadly satirized.

Needing funds for his research, Boris Karloff is persuaded by a woman to poison her rich husband.

Although no-one could call this a great movie, it is of compelling historical interest. At a time when Black people in the movies were servants or scoundrels, Paul Robeson portrayed a London dock-worker who is discovered by an impresario and launches a great singing career; after that, he goes to Africa to bring education and enlightenment to the tribespeople.

Rin Tin Tin, Jr. helps mounties find the killer of a fur trapper.

Trouble has been reported in Placerville where Tom Barton's (Tom Tyler) brother (Wally West) is the Marshal. Arriving Tom finds a phoney Marshal in his brother's place. Learning that Clark (Al Ferguson) is behind the all the trouble and that he is after the Madison stage line, Tom joins up with Mary Madison (Carol Wyndham) to fight Clark while he also looks for his missing brother.

Gene Autry is the stunt double for a western star and has to impersonate him after the actor bails out of a personal appearance at the Texas Centennial.

From IMDb: During the first world war, novelist Edgar Brodie is sent to Switzerland by the Intelligence Service. He has to kill a German agent. During the mission he meets a fake general first and then Elsa Carrington who helps him in his duty. Stars: John Gielgud, Peter Lorre, Madeleine Carroll and Robert Young

A newspaper yarn.

When Stone's men rob the stage, Deputy Bates (Edmund Cobb) catches Breed Hawkins (John Merton) only to be killed by him. Stone (Karl Hackett) makes a drunken Pecos Kid (Rex Lease) think he did it. Bill Carson (Tim McCoy) gets a confession that Breed was the killer but it comes too late as the Sheriff and his posse had already hung the Kid.