Public Domain Movies released in 1930

Captain Hartford (Bill Cody), sent by the Army to buy horses, is kidnaped and replaced by the gang boss. Rankin (Bob Custer) suspects the Captain is a fake and that he will pay for the horses with a worthless check. He finally finds Hartford but Hartford's guard is too strong and overpowers Rankin and now they are both prisoners.

Ranch hand Ted Duncan (Tom Keene) is in love with the ranch owners daughter, Mary Martin (Sally Starr). Cooper (Harry Woods), neighboring rancher has his eye on Mary and everything else her father owns so, at the annual relay races, Martin is goaded into a lock-stock-and-barrel bet that his horse, ridden by Ted, can beat Cooper's horse. But Cooper has no intention of running an honest race.

Jimmy Henderson (Bob Steele) is looking for his missing father. Suspecting McKim (Charles King), he joins his gang posing as the outlaw the Oklahoma Cyclone. The gang members take a dislike to him except for Slim (Al St. John) who becomes his friend, a friend he will need when the showdown begins.

AKA The Light of Western Stars A friend of Dick Bailey (Richard Arlen) is killed by a mysterious assailant, whom Dick suspects to be Stack (Fred Kohler), who is in league with the crooked sheriff (Guy Oliver). Out on a spree Dick swears he will marry the first woman he sees, who happens to be Ruth Hammond (Mary Brian), sister of his dead friend, arriving to take charge of the Hammond ranch. Revolted by his rough proposal,she fires him as the Hammond foreman and she proceeds to the ranch.

A thug (Hugh Trevor) robs a young engaged couple (Marian Nixon and William Janney) of their last few dollars. When the thug's gang boss (Lowell Sherman) hears of the robbery, he gives them back their money and takes them under his wing. The thug, resentful of the couple, plans to organize a mutiny against the gang's boss, but when he is killed in a botched robbery, the police focus their attention on the young couple.

An early, short W.C. Fields film.

Wings Of Adventure 1930 Rex Lease, Armida, Clyde Cook, Fred Malatesta

Sherlock Holmes parody made with marionettes.

The Thoroughbred 1930 Wesley Barry, Nancy Dover, Pauline Garon, Larry Steers

A Tiffany comedy.