Chapter 1 of the 1937 Dick Tracy Movie Serial

American Flyer Smilin' Jack Martin, works with Chinese government to stop the Black Samurai, a Japanese covert spy ring, lead by the German operative Fraulein von Teufel.

Famous Civil Defense film for children in which Bert the Turtle shows what to do in case of atomic attack.

0697 PA8660 Amateur Film: Navy Initiation at Sea

"The Battle of Midway," directed by John Ford, provides a relatively brief account of the Japanese attack of American ships at Midway atoll. The film is comprised mostly of authentic footage from the battle, with dramatic narration by Henry Fonda. "Behind every cloud, there may be an enemy," he intones as American fighter pilots search the sky. The rest of the film mocks Emporer Tojo of Japan and portrays him as ruthless, bombing hospitals and churches as he tries to conquer the Pacific.

"December 7th," directed by John Ford, begins with the aftermath of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, nicknamed "the Navy's hundred million dollar fist." Authentic footage of the invasion is mixed with reenactments to provide a complete portrait of the events of that fateful day. An extended sequence pays tribute to the American soldiers killed in the attack, many of whom are individually profiled, complete with testimonials offered by surviving family members. American bravery is not only embodied by the fallen, it is proven by the resolve that comes in response to the attack.

Likely the earliest film produced by a Native American. Preserved by the Library of Congress.

The Story of Jesus Chapter 2: Herod's Wrath Three wise men from the east who have followed the Star of Bethlehem to Jerusalem pressent themselves to Herod the Great, King of Judea, and announce the birth of a new King. This film is brought to you by The Faith Please visit After check in I have found that the MPEG2 file has no sound. The avi works fine.

"Report from the Aleutians," directed by John Huston, follows the daily life of American soldiers serving in the Aleutian Islands, which extend in sequence off the shores of Alaska. Despite being cold, barren, and generally disagreeable, the Aleutians held military bases of immense strategic value in the Pacific theater of World War II. The film describes the geographic importance of the islands, and provides a portrait of daily wartime operations, such as attack planning and bombing raids, that take place at the bases.


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