Wanda McKay

This print is much sharper than the existing IA copy. Roland Winters as Charlie Chan uncovers dirty deeds and murder in an Arizona gold mine. Mantan Moreland and Sen Yung are on hand to hold flashlights. Directed by William Beaudine Released in 1948 a.k.a. "Charlie Chan in The Golden Eye" Complete print CAST NOTE: Sen Yung is billed as Victor Sen Young MANTAN MORELAND MOVIES AT IA: https://archive.org/post/1006776/the-mantan-moreland-list-update

This 790 MB file has the same video and audio qualities as the 3.8 GB file found elsewhere at IA. A screwball comedy of errors in which newlyweds' first night is constantly interrupted by a wandering corpse, dumb crooks and frustrated cops. It received the best press reviews of any Monogram release. Stars John Beal and Wanda McKay, supported by Warren Hymer, J Farrel MacDonald and Tom Neal. Directed by William Baudine Released in 1942 Complete print IMDB page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0035152/?ref_=fn_tt_tt_1

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