Vintage cartoons

This is another of Betty Boop's Greatest Hits. This one was found on an old hard drive from a dumped computer.

All I can say is that this one is a classic. The colors are a little faded, but any copy is better than no copy at all.

This is the last of the Betty Boop I had recovered from the Homemade DVDs. There was 70 of them in all. Many are quite rare and deemed offensive. To tell the truth they

This is another early Disney cartoon.

This one is a 1946 classic cartoon from one of my encrypted boxes.

This is the best copy available. Thanks Dave from San Francisco for the video. I know that this one is available on this site so, don't tell me about it. This one had been restored. In the forum it was mentioned that my little group would look for the best possible quality of videos. The soundtrack on The Friendly Ghost the new one hgoodall uploaded stinks, but it is a restored version.

This one is the Van Beuren Studios Tom and Jerry. This gem was found on an old DVD that was found in an old storage locker.

This one is an old Walt Disney cartoon starring Oswald Rabbit

No this one is not the Pussycat and Mouse Tom and Jerry. This one is a black and white cartoon. This one was also taken from an old 6 GB hard drive found in a dumpster. Enjoy.

I found 2 volumes of Private Snafu Cartoons from WW II

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