Shot July 2006 in London subway. All stock footage I've shot and placed in Creative Commons can be found at This is a very early video of mine. If you'd like to see my latest Creative Commons work, that would be a documentary called THORIUM REMIX a documentary about LFTR (Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor) also called Thorium Molten Salt Reactors, available on YouTube.

Stock. Night. An ambulence passes by with sirens on. It is followed by a police car. Was shot around 11th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta. 2004-06-06. Someone spotted this in "Don't Drink and Pork" and asked for the raw footage. This is a very early video of mine.

Time-lapse stock footage of clouds in a brewing rainstorm, captured on April 1, 2006.

Time-lapse stock footage of clouds in a brewing rainstorm (that never materialized, unfortunately), captured on April 1, 2006. Two versions of the footage are provided -- 2.5 minutes, and one sped up to 10 seconds. Be aware that the video does have some noticeable horizontal lines. This just an artifact of the camera's CCD. The footage has been color-corrected to cut through the haze, and each frame is a blend of 10 frames, to limit the picture noise.

Stock footage. HDTV (720p) timelapse footage of traffic in an intersection. Footage repeats, 50x then 10x. Shot in Calgary around 8th & 8th SW 4 PM (shoulda held out for rush hour). ... This footage is 16x9. IA seems to be ignoring that info and making its derivatives 4:3, so the thumbnails look wonky. Since the rez is so high, you can still use it as 4:3, just zoom in on the footage. ...


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