short film

A 1931 short film called "Round About Hollywood". A travelogue processed in cinecolor.

Amusing 1937 musical short film produced by the weirdly-named "Educational Films Corporation of America". Please forgive the inane logo the DVD publisher put in the corner during the opening & closing credits.

How do you deal with an invisible thief? ORIGINAL TITLE Le voleur invisible YEAR 1909 DIRECTOR Segundo de Chomón SCREENWRITER Segundo de Chomón CINEMATOGRAPHER Segundo de Chomón Country: France Language: French Release Date: 1909 (France) Production Co: Pathé Frères Sound Mix: Silent Color: Black and White

A musical short from 1937 titled "Hockshop Blues". This is a Pictoreel. Please forgive that annoying thing the DVD publisher put in the corner...

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