Jill Baker, played by Merle Oberon, sees a psychoanalyst to cure her hiccups, but leaves feeling confused about her marriage. Directed by Ernst Lubitisch, starring Melvyn Douglas and Burgess Meredith.

Public kissing was greatly frowned upon during the uptight Victorian era, when this scene was produced in Thomas Edison's new glass-topped studio in New York City. As a result, the movie was banned in most areas (which of course, only made it more popular). Sadly, the two lovers have come down through history as unknowns, but their behavior is most familiar.

drama film

Cecil B Demille's 1915 film of Prosper Merimee's 1845 novella (which was the basis of Bizet's famous opera.)

Carmen, a gypsy woman, seduced lawyer Don Jose in an attempt to assist her clan's smuggling trade. Don Jose is obsessed with Carmen and turns to crime to maintain her attentions.

Taken from IMDB: A young married couple whose plans for their life together haven't turned out as expected decide to rob the bank where the husband works of $100,000, then hide the money in a safe place and return for it after they serve out their sentences. All goes according to plan until they get out of prison, when they find that they're being trailed by an insurance investigator and the husband's old cellmate, who has decided that he wants a cut of the money.

Taken from IMDB: The professional gambler Ross Hadley is the owner of a posh gaming establishment in the heart of New York. Hadley's main antagonist is his childhood friend Mike McGlennon. McGlennon, now a police lieutenant, is determined to stop the gambling activities of Hadley. Hadley's and McGlennnon's relationship becomes more complex, when they notice, that they both are in love with the attractive Mary Hayes. Mary sings in nightclubs under the stage name 'Vi Parker'.

Tex and his sidekicks ('Snub' Pollard) arrive to help out his friend Jeffers, a railroad owner, only to find that he has been killed. They quickly run into trouble with an outlaw gang in their attempt to find the mysterious ghost train that supposedly runs on Jeffer's line.

This version has better image quality than the copy that's already at IA which was a tape transfer, probably VHS. However this new upload comes from the same original source which has slightly muffled audio and some sprocket noise in a few scenes This is a seriocomic romantic adventure involving spies and a European refugee who is being deported from the US on the eve of World War 2. Stars Anna Sten and Alan Marshal, with Jerome Cowan and Harry Davenport in support. One of the final appearances of diminutive Etienne Girardot (inn caretaker) who died in the year of this film's release.

AKA Tangled Trails Corporal Jack Borden (Neal Hart), of the Northwest Mounted Police, trails the man who killed his partner to New York City. The killer is an unscrupulous promoter who is selling worthless stock in a gold mine. Borden, with the help of Blanche Hall (Gladys Hampton), locates the man in a Bowery dive, but he escapes and Borden tracks him back to Canada. Along the way, he discovers that Blanche and his sweetheart, Milly (Violet Palmer), are long-separated sisters and brings about a reconciliation.

Jim Traft (Benny Baker) gets rodeo champ Travis (Tom Keene) to take his place as the new owner of a ranch having trouble with rustlers. To stop the rustling Travis and his men build a drift fence. Out to stop them is Clay Jackson (Stanley Andrews) and his men led by Slinger Dunn (Buster Crabbe).


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