From today's menu, I recommend Capitalism or Cannibalism; Communism is off. Our Catholicism is rather good, though; it comes with a liberal sauce or tourist topping. This is our pre-theatre-of-poverty menu. Meanwhile, The Delmarva Chicken of Tomorrow grows over-rapidly large on a forced steroidal diet. Elsewhere, the cousins of The Delmarva Chicken of Tomorrow pluck and hack in feathered ecstasy over the carcass of a chicken too careless crossing the road.

Video: Duck and Cover- the famous (or infamous) US gov commissioned film from 1951 which (amongst other things) demonstrates how to survive a nuclear bomb by using a newspaper for protection. There's also a cartoon turtle. Video from the Preliger Archive Collection.

Starting with a Prelinger archive movie, I made a still, added some of the digital pictures I took that day,then played with every effect in my editing software (VideomagixDeluxe 2.0), and repeated and mixed one phrase over and over to it.

Alternative edits and versions for The Right To Perversion. Made with material from the Prelinger archives.

prelinger_mashups: dancers from the prelinger archives doing their jobs

A commercial advocating drug use by mocking old anti-drug PSAs

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