Warning: This film actually contains politically incorrect behaviour, nudity and graphic, disturbing images. This police training film demonstrates how to be a lousy cop and a lousy driver. The first half of the film is surprisingly effective, especially for a no-budget 16mm training film in the sixties. Beware: Not for the sqeamish. A big cut above any other driver training film, mostly due to the fact that the central character is a police officer.

Stock. Night. An ambulence passes by with sirens on. It is followed by a police car. Was shot around 11th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta. 2004-06-06. Someone spotted this in "Don't Drink and Pork" and asked for the raw footage. This is a very early video of mine.

Legendary "shock" driving safety film featuring numerous scenes of mutilated cars and injured/dead people and a voiceover lacking in compassion. Produced in cooperation with the Ohio State Highway Patrol and shown to millions of young drivers for over 40 years. CONTENT ADVISORY: Many disturbing scenes of violent deaths and accident scenes; cries of crash victims on soundtrack.

Starring Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce and Lionel Atwill. You can read about this movie in it's IMDb page.

A Fatty Arbuckle comedy from 1913 co-starring Al St John and Edgar Kennedy

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