Norman Foster

An insurance appraiser (Norman Foster) falls for the spoiled niece (Evalyn Knapp) of an industrialist involved in insurance fraud. There is a strong reference to the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory tragedy. Directed by Bert P Lynwood. Released in 1935. a.k.a. "Firetrap" Complete print. CAST NOTE: Foster and Knapp also costar in the highly regarded "Ladies Crave Excitement," which is available here at IA.

Loosely based on the autobiography of NY Police captain Cornelius W. "The Gang Buster" Willemse.

A young fireman hot-shot publicity hound is shunned by his peers until his reckless courage saves the day.

The exciting adventures of a newsreel photographer. Note: it appears that whoever created the avi file rescaled his source vertically without first delacing or detelecining. Don't use a delacing filter when viewing it, however; that seems to make things worse.

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