A British mystery/suspense drama which costars Terry Moore. NOTE: This film is in the public domain. The copyright notice at the end refers to content not included here. Directed by Guy Green. UK release 1955. US release 1956. a.k.a. "Portrait of Alison" Complete print (US version)

This print is a bit sharper and with a cleaner audio tack. A mystery that opens with a jail break and ends in a lunatic asylum, with lots of old dark house goings on in between. If you don't take this one seriously you're likely to have some fun. Directed by Alan James (as Alvin J Neitz). Released in 1931. complete print

This print has slightly improved video and much cleaner audio without any of the dialog-masking noise in the other print here at IA. It also has a smaller video file in the standard MP4 format. FROM IMDB: This film was fairly closely based on the real-life murder of New York showgirl Dorothy "Dot" King in March 1923. Like the character of Miriam King in the movie, the real Dot King was both a perpetrator and a victim of blackmail, and was having simultaneous affairs with at least two rich married men.

Frankie Darro and Mantan Moreland are back as amateur sleuths in this sequel to "Irish Luck." Happily Mantan has more screen time in this one. Directed by Howard Bretherton Released in 1940 Probably a second-release edit. Free movie links for Mantan junkies:

A murder mystery/adventure costarring Marcia Mae Jones and Jackie Moran who were paired in a number of Monogram youth films including "The Gang's All Here" (1941) which is available here at IA. Incidentally, there is no haunted house in "Haunted House." Directed by Robert McGowan Released in 1940 a.k.a. "The Blake Murder Mystery" (UK) CAST NOTE: Jackie Moran played Buddy Wade in the popular Universal Pictures serial "Buck Rogers."

Some will say this is a murder mystery. Others will claim it's an adventure. Still others will insist it's a comedy. But no one can deny this is a whacky movie. Directed by Albert Ray. Released in 1933. 2nd release edit?

A primitive early British sound-film mystery featuring Herbert Marshall and Norah Baring. That one of the characters is a drag queen ("she-male") is just one of this film's many quirky elements. Adapted from Clemence Dane's novel, "Enter Sir John." Directed by Alfred Hitchcock Released in 1930 complete print (some missing frames)

When the private eye is away, his secretary will play by taking on cases of her own which lead to trouble. A lightweight mystery with more comedy relief than it needs. Directed by Lambert Hillyer. Released in 1947. Complete print (minus a few missing frames)

A high-energy, screwball whodunit with feisty Jean Parker in the title role. On board for the whacky ride are Peter Cookson, Veda Ann Borg and Tim Ryan who along with Victor Hammond co-wrote the screenplay. Directed by William Beaudine. Released in 1944. Complete print

PRC's attempt at a Thin Man style mystery, co-starring Neil Hamilton and June Storey. Directed by Bernard B Ray (as B B Ray) Released in 1941. Complete print.


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