mother goose

A Van Beuren version of Mother Goose Fairy Tales, a musical where Mother Goose has a love affair with a scarecrow. The goose isn't amused. This "scandalous" story resembles the Van Beuren interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood - the folktale personalities are spiced up a bit. - Downloaded from Public Domain Movie Torrents.

Little Audrey, in the schoolroom, is sent to the corner stool to memorize Mother Goose rhymes. She falls asleep and dreams that she gets a tour of Mother Goose Land by Mother Goose herself. Comic book criminals sneak into Mother Goose Land and attempt to steal the goose who lays golden eggs. Audrey captures them and then wakes up. Animation by G. Germanetti and Steve Muffatti, story by I. Klein, scenics by Anton Loeb, music by Winston Sharples. Produced in 1950.

An animated version of the Mother Goose Story of Little Miss Muffet, using what is called "3 dimensional" animation. Part of the Nursey Rhyme Review series.

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