this is a 1935 cartoon by Ub Iwerks. It is also known as the Pincushion Man.

An animated film from 1934 by Ub Iwerks

Summertime by UB Iwerks, 1935. This is one of a series of animated shorts that Iwerks did about the seasons. They are highly imaginative pictures of abstract ideas. I hope to upload other seasons soon.

This is the Ub Iwerks animated version of the famous fairy tale.

A 1935 animated cartoon by Ub Iwerks

Flip The Frog an animated cartoon produced in 1931 by Ub Iwerks

Cinderella, 1922. Tha Laugh O Gram Studios. Don't think international conglomerates with banks of computers making highly sophisticated and realistic animation. Instead, think of a couple of cartoonists, in this case, in Kansas City who get together and start to draw simple animations of fairy stories. The drawings are simple and fluid and really a lot of fun. These cartoons needed almost a thousand laboriously drawn pictures for each minute of film. The cartoonists were Ub Iderks and Walt Disney. Iwerks went on to form his own studio and make hundreds of cartoons.

An animated cartoon by Ub Iwerks 1939â â 

An Ub Iwerks film. mad in 1935. As with many of his films,based on an old story.

A 1936 color cartoon by Ub Iwerks

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